All of the following were undertaken on a purely voluntary basis or where commissioned were for non-profit
purposes. No project was taken on as a revenue stream and in most cases extensive costs to all participants were
incurred. The length of time spent on each project could never be reimbursed financially unless by some
extraordinary popularity or chance they became prosperous. You can see from the time taken between creation and
making public that illness and financial circumstances were accommodated, some written works taking 6 or 15 years
to compile and publish. But this indicates the passion, dedication and abilities that can flourish, given unpressured
opportunity; and what is possible without commercial constraints and considerations. The necessity exists in so many
people facing practical obstacles, this hopefully exhibits the therapeutic value of enabling those passions to find
expression and to be enjoyed by a wider audience.

(2002) ‘Dawning On Me’ - Recorded audio CD poetry collection and published booklet.

(2004) ‘Love to be loved’ - Two-hour recorded impromptu discussion with Manic Depression Alliance, Burnley,
Lancashire, on the question “do you have to love yourself to be loved?" With kind permission, excerpts of this
discussion appear on the following project.

(2005) 'Spokes of a Buckled Wheel' - alternative music album (near completion, shelved due to artist's practical /
financial constraints and relocation).

(2006) 'Intravene' - Debut Gloppaddagloppadda alternative ambient album recording, (yet to be released).

(2007) ‘ShadowLands II’ - Soundtrack commissioned by East Pennine Arts; classical music/site-specific audio
recording and production, for dance project touring three theatres in Lancashire.

(2007) ‘Valerie’s Orchard’ - Feature-length docu-drama. Final cut editing, artistic direction, sound engineering,
location technical assistance, DVD authoring, graphic design, mastering and titles. Breakspear Films.

(2007) 'Coming To' - Second Gloppaddagloppadda album recording (yet to be released).

(2008) ‘Corro-Gated’ - Breakspear Films; technical assistance, sound contributions for dance/arts installation 'Walking
Through Windows' at Liverpool Cathedral. Breakspear Films.

(2010) 'Daily Grind' - Third Gloppaddagloppadda album recording (yet to be released).

(2014) Published two non-fiction books by anonymous author, on topics of mental health and suicide.

(2012) 'Chi' - Fourth Gloppaddagloppadda album recording (yet to be released).

(2016) 'Tea Chest Blues' - Music post-production of live performance.

(2016) 'Gilly Daniels' - Professional actor show-reel. Editing and production (published annually, on-going).

(2018) 'No Word For Pier in Lugosa' - Short film by Anna-Maria Nabirye, post-production sound/editing choices.

(2018) 'Hypnagogia' - Fifth Gloppaddagloppadda album recording (yet to be released)

(2019) 'For the love of Berger' - Stage script adaptation of two novels by the late and great John Berger. Co-
written, cast and directed by Kendal Eaton; two script workshops followed with volunteer professional cast, pending
search for theatrical producer. Rights being sought for stage and radio.

(2020) ‘A Chance For Everyone: The Parallel No-Monetary Economy’ - Non fiction book publishing, hardcopy and
free e-book by Kendal Eaton.

(2020) Website design - A Chance For Everyone:The Parallel Non-Monetary Economy.

(2020) Website design - Sounding Off UK.

(2020) Website design - Gloppaddagloppadda.

(2021) 'Daily Grind' - Official release of 2010 album by Gloppaddagloppadda .

(2021) 'Sublimation' - Publishing of poetry collection in hardcopy and multimedia ebook by Kendal Eaton.

(2021) 'Near-misses Of A Crash-test Dummy' - Recording, production & official release of debut album by Eugene


(2021) '(TBC)' - Music post-production of live performances for latest double-album by Necessary Animals (for 2021

(2021) Website design - Gilly Daniels, professional actress.

(2022) 'Chi' - Official release of 2012 album by Gloppaddagloppadda .

(TBC) 'For The Love Of Berger' - Touring theatre performances.

(TBC) 'Helen Huddleson' - Re-publishing of novel with revised conclusion.

(TBC) 'Helen Huddleson by Amanda McKittrick Ros' - Radio & screenplay adaptations.

(TBC) 'Los Pasiones de Cristos' - Spanish absurdist film.

(TBC) 'Transference' - film script.