ShadowLands II
by Kendal Eaton : commission by Mid Pennine Arts
site-specific recording and production for childrens' dance performance at three theatre venues.
Recorded on location - an audio representation of the history of the River Irwell in Rossendale, from its trickling source bubbling down from the hills above Bacup, Lancashire, through colonisation, industrialisation and natural post-industrial reclamation.
01 Intro

Image: overlooking Calf Hay, Ogden & Holden Wood reservoirs, from Cribden Hill, Haslingden. Just behind the tree line in the distance is the site of Helmshore Textile Museum, which maintains a functioning water-wheel and original cotton looms including the famous Spinning Jenny. These can be heard and seen in Track 5 and slideshow.

Music chosen by Mid Pennine Arts - Cavalleria Rusticana: Introduction.
02 Natural Source

Images: overlooking Irwell Valley from Bacup and Rossendale.

Audio recordings at various points beginning at the River Irwell source and into Bacup town.
03 Interval A

Image: atop Cribden Hill north side distance across Irwell Valley towards Rochdale & Yorkshire border.

Music chosen by Mid Pennine Arts - Violin Concerto No1 in G minor, Op.26:ii Adagio - played by Yehudi Menuhin.
04 Colonisation

Images: location shots of buildings alongside the river course from Bacup, through Stacksteads, Waterfoot, Rawtenstall, Irwell Vale and Ramsbottom.

Music chosen by Mid Pennine Arts - 'Song For Athene'
05 Industrialisation

Audio samples taken from East Lancashire Steam Railway with extra whistles thrown in by a very generous-spirited driver. Also various historic cotton machines including a water-wheel and powered hammer, through to sounds of modern industry along the riverbank from Bacup to Rawtenstall. All combine in a rhythmic ensemble for the major dance routine of the production.
06 Interval B

Image:Irwell Vale nature trail where kingfisher, water vole and heron hang out.

Music chosen by Mid Pennine Arts - Cavalleria Rusticana: Introduction.
07 Reclamation

Images:The river gradually leaving industry in its wake and broadening out from Rawtenstall to Ramsbottom. 5am is the optimum time to catch the Irwell Valley morning chorus.

Music chosen by Mid Pennine Arts - 'In Paradisum' sang by the Choir of Kings College Cambridge.